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hey shiv mohe bachaoo

sab matlab ke meet hain, shiv mera tum bin aur na koi,
kiski sharan main jaaun prabhu, mera tum bin to na koi.

ek din socha jo kaam kathin hai, woh kaam main karr jaaun,
bahut jee chuka auron ki khatir, ab khud ke liye marr jaaun.

jaane kaise khayal mann mein aaya, ki yeh jeevan hai anmol,
in aankhon ne dekhi maya ki duniya, ab mann ki aankhein khol.

mera waqt tha kuch aisa badla, ki toot gaye the sab sapne,
tanhaayi deti thi saath mera, jab chord gaye the sab apne.

kya sangi-sathi, kya mitra pyaare aur kya yeh rishte naate,
sab rishte hain jhoothe bas yeh samajh deir se aaye.

koi krodti hai, koi lobhi to hai koi hai ahankaari,
moh-maya ke jaal mein fassi huyi hai yeh duniya saari.

yeh dukh ki raat hai kaali, chhaaya hai ghum ka andheraa,
koi anjana darr mohe sataaye, kab aayega sukh ka saveraa?

jis sang mann preet lagaya, woh preet thi jhoothi,
kab ka ho chuka hai savera, tab samjha jab neend yeh tooti.

bin barkha pyaasa jyon dharti, tyon pyaasa mann mera,
chahun naa aggan maya ki aur laage, jaltaa h…
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main shiv hoon

vibhatsa hoon, vibhoor hoon,
main samadhi mein hi chur hoon,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

ghanghor andhera ordh kar,
main jan jeewan se door hoon,

samshaan mein hoon nachta,
main mritu ka gurur hoon,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

saam daam tum hi rakho,
main dand mein sampurn hoon,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

cheer aaya charam mein,
maar aaya "main" ko main,
"main: main nahi, "main" bhay nahi,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

jo sirf tu hai sochta,
kewal wo main nahi,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

main kaal ka kapal hoon,
main mool ki chinghard hoon,
main magnha.. main cheer magnha hoon,
main akant me ujjard hoon,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

main aag hoon, main raakh hoon,
main pavitra rash hoon,

main pankh hoon, 
main swash hoon,
main hi hard maas hoon,
main hi aadi anant hoon,

main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.. main shiv hoon.

mujh mein koi chhal nahi,
tera koi kal nahi…

devo ke dev mahadev

main brahma hoon.. main janya hoon, 
vikraal main.. mahakaal main,
main prithvi bhi, aakash bhi, 
main door bhi, main paas bhi, 
main rachnakar, main vinaash bhi, 
main aadi hoon main annt bhi, 
rache jo saare granth bhi, 
kho chuki jo wo aas bhi, 
main kal bhi hoon main aaj bhi, 

main kan kan mein nivaas hoon, 
kabhi hoon komal, main kathor bhi, 
main vaas kerta hoon chaaro aur, 
main kaalo ka bhi kaal hoon, 
main daksha mahakaal hoon,
mujh ko samajhna sambhav kaha, 
main sayam mein vikraal hoon,

raghukul ki main hi reet hoon, 

main panchiyon ka geet hoon, 
mujhko kaha tu dhundata, 
main to tere hi bheet hoon, 

prakash hoon andhakar bhi, 
main vijay hoon, main haar bhi,
main registhan ki ret hoon, 
main kaala bhi aur shweth bhi, 
main kan kan mein vidhimaan hoon,
agyaan bhi aur gyaan hoon,

main chalta hoon, aur hoon samay,
prarambh hoon aur annt bhi,
kehte hain mujhko bhole nath, 

devo ke dev mahadev bhi.

मैं ब्रह्म हूँ.. मैं जन्य हूँ,
विकराल मैं.. महाकाल मैं,
मैं पृथ्वी भी.. आकाश भी,
मैं दूर भी.. मैं पास भी,
मैं …

Birth Death and Rebirth in Vedas

The Hindu philosophy states that all people born on this earth are certain to die and equally certain is the fact that all the dead would be reborn. This concept is enunciated in 27th Sloka of the second chapter of Bhagavad Gita. Its believed that there is a soul (Atman) in every live being and that it goes through the cycle of birth-death-rebirth and ultimately merges with the universe (Brahman). The second chapter of Bhagavad Gita (Slokas 17, 20, 23, 24 and 25) states that the Atman cannot be hurt, burnt or destroyed.

In Christianity, there is no antonym for “sin.” You can commit “sin,” but can you commit what is opposite of “sin.” Hindus believe that a person is capable of committing not only sin but also “punya or good karma” (“u” to be pronounced as in “put” – “put it down”). Karma, by the way, means “duty.” There is nothing good or bad about it, just as “duty” has neither bad nor good connotation to it.

Why does the Atman (soul) go through the cycle?

It is because of the debts (…

The vedic description of the Body-Karma, Aatma-Paraatma, Brahma-Parabrahma

When Aadi Sankara said“Brahma satyam, Jagat mithya, Jeevo Brahmaiva na para” nobody could understand, but when Albert Einstein said “ nature is composed of matter and energy; and matter can be converted into energy” our modern scientists accepted it. Energy is the ultimate reality known to modern science and it emanates from Paramaatma according to Hinduism. Hence Paramaatma is also called Parasakthi.

The understandings of the vedic dictum is limited by our level of samskaara and level of knowledge.


Brahma means big. Parabrahma means biggest of all ,which indicates the Omnipotent ,the Omnipresent, the Almighty. It is represented by the word “ AUM”. When we say that the entire universe is its own expression the universal brotherhood of all living, nonliving, visible and invisible things are proclaimed Hence a we says” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”-the entire universe is a family.

One who believes this, cannot see himself alienated from the universe - he is part of it. Therefore …